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The largest selection of tools to improve your SEO and help grow your Etsy business.

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EtsyRank processes keyword data from Etsy, Google and Bing to give you the richest possible keyword intelligence for your shop.



Get detailed analysis of all your listings, and quickly spot issues and opportunities that can improve your SEO.



Learn about your competition, benchmark your shop against your peers and draw inspiration from other successful sellers on Etsy.

PRO Members Benefits

Powerful tools for Etsy sellers for just $9.99/month.

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Bulk Keyword Tool

Tired of doing keyword research one term at a time?

The Bulk Keyword Tool is a super-fast way to do your keyword research for Etsy, Shopify and other websites. Get immediate access to rich keyword data based on what real people are searching for on Etsy and the internet.

Bulk Keyword Tool

Best Sellers

Do you know which of your products are more likely to sell?

Discover which listings have the highest probability of selling with the Best Seller feature. This report shows you which listings have the best conversion rates, when they were last sold, how many times they have sold and how much revenue each listing has made.

Ratings & Feedback

Is your shop at risk of losing its 5-Star rating?

With the Ratings & Feedback tool, you can quickly find the reviews that can affect your shop's overall rating. See which reviews are harming your reputation and contact buyers before their negative feedback is locked by Etsy.

Ratings & Feedback

Sales History

Do you have a listing that isn't selling so well anymore?

As a Pro member, you have access to the Sales History report for each listing you have ever sold. This report allows you to look back in time at the titles, tags and images your listings had every time it sold. This feature helps you learn what keywords worked best for your listing in the past and allows you to restore keywords that were more successful.

Many more tools...

EtsyRank has the widest range of powerful tools for Etsy sellers. There are tools, features and reports to help you with so many of the tasks that you perform daily and we are adding more all the time!

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Free Tools for Etsy Sellers

Here are some of the great tools that are available to all EtsyRank members for free.

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Keyword Tool

Are you stuck for keyword ideas? Not sure which keyword is best for your listing?

The EtsyRank Keyword Tool shows you how much competition, demand and engagement you can expect for each search term, as well as other useful information to help you describe your listings. It combines data not only from Etsy, but also from Google and Bing, giving you the best perspective to help you pick keywords that are right for your listings.

Keyword Tool

Listing Audits

Is your listing performing as well as it should be?

Your listings may not be sending strong signals to Etsy's and Google's search algorithms. The listing audit checks to see that your listing is following many of the best practices that are specified in the Etsy Seller Handbook and Google Webmasters Guide. Quickly identify missed opportunities to help improve your listings and sales.

Spell Checker

Do you have perfect spelling?

Spelling mistakes can hurt your SEO. Use EtsyRank's spell checker to improve your listings and fix embarrassing spelling mistakes and typos today.

Spell Checker

Top Etsy Sellers

Browse the top Etsy stores around the world.

Etsy Best Sellers

Are you a top seller on Etsy?


The largest selection of tools to improve your SEO and help grow your Etsy business.

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