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Tag Report

The Tag Report lists all the tags that you use in your shop and grades them based on how much competition, demand and engagement they have.

How to access the Tag Report

Visit https://etsyrank.com/tags/

For EtsyRank members you can find this under the SHOP section. For EtsyRank PRO members you can find this in the COMPETITION section.

More About This Feature

The first section summarizes the level of competition, demand and engagement your tags have. All members will see a pie chart showing the percentage of tags that have very high, high, medium, low or very low levels of competition. EtsyRank PRO subscribers will also get Demand and Engagement analysis:

The second section lists all tags that your shop is using. In this section you will see how many times each tag is used (occurrences), as well as how many other listings can be found on Etsy. Next, you will see how much competition each tag has, and EtsyRank PRO members can also see the demand and engagement values too. PRO members can also export the data to PDF, Excel or CSV files.

Looking at Other Shop's Tags

Do you spend hours researching what tags other shops use? Have you ever wondered which of their tags are highly competitive, have great demand or engagement? With EtsyRank PRO, subscribers are able to analyze tags from the 100 most recently updated listings in any shop.

Who Can use this Feature?

This is a free feature available to all EtsyRank Members. To download the report to Excel, CSV or PDF, and the Demand and Engagement metrics are only available to EtsyRank PRO members.

Learn More About EtsyRank PRO

You can learn more about EtsyRank PRO here.

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