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Keyword Tool

The Keyword Tool on EtsyRank gives you great ideas for tags and titles. Beyond giving you new words to include in your titles and tags, the Keyword Tool has several powerful features to help you understand what keywords are more likely to be searched by buyers, what keywords have the most competition and what keywords have the highest engagement. 

How to use the Keyword Tool

1. Visit https://etsyrank.com/keyword-tool or go to the Tools menu and select Keyword Tool. Alternatively, you can type a keyword directly into the search box at the top of the EtsyRank website.

2. In the "Enter Keywords" box, type in the keywords you would like to research. For example, "mouse pad".

3. Click on the Lookup button.

More About This Feature

The Keyword Tool can return a lot of information to help you pick keywords to use in your listings title and tags. The information below provides more detail about each section in the Keyword Tool.

Word Cloud

The first thing you will see in the Keyword Tool is the word cloud. This highlights keywords that EtsyRank have found based on what other sellers have been using. The larger the word the more commonly it is used by your competition.


The statistics sections shows you the results of some deeper analysis that is performed by EtsyRank. Listings Found tells you how many other listings can be found when searching for the keywords you entered. Average Hearts, Views and Price are averages for the top 100 listings EtsyRank found. 


This tells you how much competition can be found for the keywords entered. Generally the lower the competition, the easier it will be for you to be found on page one. But beware! Low competition could be a bad thing - so make sure to look at the demand and engagement values too. 


Demand gives you an indication of how much the keywords are being searched. Keywords with Very Low Demand may be searched just a few times per month, so it is unlikely you will get many sales from these. It is important to note that since Etsy don't share their most popular search terms with the public, we have used data from Bing. It won't be perfect, but it's a lot better than guessing!


Engagement gives you an idea of how likely people are to click and ultimately purchase listings found for the specified keywords. This is based on the views and favorites of the top 100 listings found when searching for the specified keywords. 

Price Range

Pricing your items is an important task. If you price it too cheap, the buyers will think that there is something wrong with your item. If you price it too expensive, the buyers' expectations will be very high. The Keyword Tool helps you quickly determine what the most common prices are for a particular search term by presenting them in an easy-to-read bar chart like the one below. 

Related Tags

The related tags section contains the keywords you can find in the word cloud at the top of the Keyword Tool. The difference here is that there is a lot more information to help you select keywords. Here you will see the competition, demand and engagement scores that were described above. This section makes it easy to compare various keywords and find ideas that improve your listings' chances of being seen by buyers.

Top Listings

At the bottom of the page, you will see a detailed list of the top 100 search results. Here you will be able to see all the tags that were used by other sellers (even more ideas), prices and a link to see the full listing on Etsy should you want to know even more.


To the right you will find a list of synonyms found in the EtsyRank thesaurus. These can give you additional ideas and alternative words to use in your titles and tags.

Who Can Use This Feature?

This is a free feature available to all EtsyRank Members.

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