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Visibility Report

An EtsyRank study of almost 50,000 random listings reveals how often listings really get viewed.

At this time of the year, a lot of Etsy sellers are concerned about the low views and sales, and some feel like their shops has been singled out and punished for some unknown reason. To shed some light onto what is "normal", EtsyRank has completed a study into how often listings get viewed and you may be surprised by the results.

During the course of this research, EtsyRank reviewed 48,120 active listings from 1,064 random shops. It looked at shops of various ages, the average shop age being 3.9 years.

On average, EtsyRank research found the following:

  • 65% of listings get one or fewer views per day.
  • 35% of listings get two or more views per day
  • 3.5% of listings get 10 or more views per day.
  • 0.28% of listings get 50 or more views per day.

Common issues that affect daily views include:

  • Not using all 13 tags (missed opportunity to reach more viewers).
  • Too many one-word tags (too broad/competitive).
  • Most important tags not repeated in listing titles (not signalling to Etsy what the most important keywords are).

Note: Visibility Scores will be re-calibrated soon.

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