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Using a Light Box for Great Jewelry Photographs

Andi from BeadPeaceLove has some great low-cost tips for taking photos of jewelry and other small items.

How to Master the art of photography using a light box for your jewelry or other small items on a budget.

Getting the right equipment

  • Your camera or iPhone will be just fine. No need to go out and buy expensive equipment. 
  • The single most important piece of equipment is an inexpensive light box 


  • Jewelry usually looks better on anything but stark white.
  • Selecting your backdrop is the first step to taking good pictures in a light box. Jewelry needs a contrasting background to make it pop in your store. 
  • I use Scrapbook paper purchased at a craft store to create the perfect background. Simply place it on the base and back wall of the light box. 

Props and Angles 

  • Pick a consistent look with a few variations to keep your shop cohesive.
  • Show off the details of your jewelry using props.
  • Display different angles and close ups of your items. 
  • Choose a small variety of props that you can reuse in several photos. ex: tea cups that you use to hang your jewelry. I use a crystals and plants to give me a little variety but still keeping with my organic theme. 


  • Always edit your images making sure they are clear and crisp. 
  • You can do this on your computer, iPhone or there a photo apps. I use my iPhone and take the time to go image by image to get 5 great images. 
  • Center the photo
  • Lighten the photo as it usually will appear darker once uploaded to your listing
  • Make certain that each photo is approximately the same size & scale. 

Be Creative, Take your time, and pay attention to the little details.

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