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Unforeseen Results of Social Media Posting

Jan from YesterdayGetsBetter shares with us her unexpected results of social media posting.

I joined EtsyRank in March of 2016. It was sobering! Zeros across the board, pretty much. 

Having crunched my stats, EtsyRank suggested that successful Etsy sellers were active on social media. I was absent on social media. I joined Facebook, business and personal. I set up accounts on Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram. I got started on a blog through WordPress.

Nine months later, my stats have indeed nosed upward. Yes, they are still laughably low but establishing a presence online is slow, I'm told, although it is known to snowball at some point, and get better faster. Yay.

What I would like to share with you today though is a totally unforeseen result of my social media posting. 

For the past three years, I have undertaken a challenge: beginning in August, I do a 90 in 90 -- that is, I make a pair of earrings every day for 90 days, for my holiday shows in December. I may not *sell* all ninety but in order for customers to have a good selection from which to choose, I need that many new ones, and I strive for as many new designs as possible.

This August, shortly after I got underway, it occurred to me to post them daily to Instagram. After awhile, I noticed that I could share the post to Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter at the touch of a button (well, three buttons). So I did. 

By December 1, when my first show opened, I did indeed have over 90 new pairs of earrings. What changed was how many were not only new designs, but some were drawn well outside the lines of my previous lines. And on opening night, people showed up from out of state, exclaiming that they’d been following the 90 in 90 challenge on social media, and sharing the posts with their co-workers and forwarding them to friends. I was thrilled.

I think why I had such a flowering of inspiration this year was because of those hearts and upvotes I got during the challenge. It was feedback that in previous years I didn’t get until I got to the shows. This year, I got that feedback every day while I was making the work. I think having this invisible audience brought out a bit of the showman in me, like: “Oh, you liked those? How about these then, eh?” I was competing -- with myself, with my previous pieces -- and it *worked* for me. I have to say, I made some pretty awesome earrings, and sold lots more of them too.

A side note that I got a kick out of: I was surprised when I hashtagged my first IG post that one already existed for #PairADayFor90Days, and that there were loads of posts with the tag. Six weeks or so in, it occurred to me to do a search on IG for what other folks had posted. I was of course expecting earrings. Turned out all of the "90pairs" were ... sneakers. :P

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