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The Best Time to Sell on Etsy

Interesting insights into what time of day most people purchase on Etsy.

Have you ever wondered what time of day the most sales occur on Etsy? When is the right time to renew listings or turn on promoted listings?

EtsyRank analyzed over 300,000 Etsy orders over the last year and found that the majority of sales on Etsy occur between 10am-11pm EST. 

Below is the sales distribution graph showing when the best times to sell on Etsy are:

As you can see, there is an early-afternoon peak at 2pm and a mid-evening peak around 9pm.

If you are one of the sellers on Etsy that have time-sensitive tactics for generating sales, keep in mind when your buyers are likely to be buying!   

To see what time of day most of your sales occur, take a look at the new EtsyRank Sales Reports.

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