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Successful Etsy Sellers Do These Five Things Every Day

Joanne from VintageMaineia has offered to share some of her sage advice with other sellers.

In order to make sales on Etsy, we need to keep our shop active and viable. 

Do This Every Day:

  1. Renew/relist a few items. Give your items a bump.
  2. List one or more items. Freshen the look of your shop.
  3. Promote via Social Media. Do something you enjoy.
  4. Shop update. These are front and center.
  5. Tweak listings. 

Every day, you need to ask yourself, "Have you...":

  • Optimized your photos? Etsy recommends "clickable" photos that invite further exploration.
  • Checked to make sure your items are in demand? Market tastes change.
  • Optimized your listings for mobile devices? More and more of Etsy's users shop with their devices. How do your items look?
  • Checked prices? I try to keep my prices reasonable and yet make some profit.
  • Performed some test searches to see where your items are positioned in search results?
  • Considered selling items at a variety of price points to attract a variety of buyers?
  • Freshened up your shop policies and completed your "About" page?

I have a part-time vintage shop. My sales have been great. I just made my 1807th sale and November has already set a record for the most sales ever in my shop. I'm just short of my gross monthly sales record. But there are some days left yet...

Read more from Joanne on her Etsy Vintage Seller Encyclopedia blog.

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