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Shop Listings Reports

eRank has several great new reports to help you save time and learn more about your shop listings.

eRank has updated the Shop Listings reports. With this update, several old reports have been refreshed and new reports have been added to help you save time and learn more about your shop. With each report you can filter content, sort columns and even export* the results to Excel, CSV or PDF.

The first thing you may notice when you visit the SHOP > LISTINGS page is the "Available Reports" tabs:

Here you will see at a glance all the available reports eRank produces for your listings. The purpose of this is to help you easily discover the various listing reports that are available.

Below is a summary of each report so you can better understand what they do:

Active Listings

This report shows a summary of all your active listings and includes the suggestions, conversion rates, visibility scores and more. In this report, you have the ability to show listings by shop section too, handy for sellers who want to focus on parts of their shop.


The Changes* report is an eRank Pro feature that shows which listings eRank is currently tracking for you.  From this page, you are a single click away from seeing how your listing changes over time and the impact those changes have on views, favorites and potentially sales.


This report conveniently shows when each listing was originally created, last updated, and when it expires.


This replaces the old "Details" page on eRank and contains basic listings statistics such as total views, average daily views, favorites and price.


This report displays grades and some other factors that can help you prioritize which listings you should optimize first.

Tag Filter

This powerful report allows you to show listings that only contain certain words in its tags.

Missing Tags / Images / Attributes

These reports show listings that are missing important data.

One-Word Tags

This new report shows listings that have tags that only contain one word.


This report gives you a detailed breakdown of your shop inventory, showing all active listings, quantities available, prices and more.

To see the new Shop Listings reports, click on the "Shop" menu and then select "Listings".

*eRank Pro members only.

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