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March 2018 Update

Every month new features and updates are rolled out on the EtsyRank site, and March was no exception. This update recaps the features and improvements we made to the site in March for both FREE and PRO members.

EtsyRank PRO Updates

EtsyRank Pro members gained access to a range of powerful new features in March that I hope you'll find of great value.

The Best Sellers report was added to EtsyRank Pro. This handy report helps you quickly discover which of your listings has the highest conversion rates, as well as which ones made the most money and when it last sold. If you are looking for an idea of which listings have the highest probably of selling, or looking for promoted listings possibilities, you will find this report very useful.

The Sales History feature can also be accessed from the Best Sellers report. This feature shows you the titles, images and tags that your listings used at the time of each sale. This gives you a unique historical perspective on the listings you have sold and enables you to restore old keywords to your listings.

The Competitor Sales report received a minor but very useful update. In addition to seeing how many sales your competitors had each day, you can now also see their weekly total sales. This will give you greater perspective in helping you benchmark your shops performance against them and learning from those who are doing really well.

The Ratings & Feedback feature was added for Pro members. This tool is designed to help you protect your shop's 5-star rating by highlighting any negative or neutral feedback that you may be able to ask buyers to change. No more searching your Etsy Dashboard looking for Reviews, the Ratings & Feedback Report puts it all in one area, complete with an Etsy interface link for Pro members to use for contacting customers.

Lastly, the Bulk Rank Checker received some additional error messages so that you know if something went wrong or if we just couldn’t find any of your listings. If you want to read more about EtsyRank Pro, or signup to enjoy its benefits, please visit the Plans page.

EtsyRank Updates FREE for all members

We added your shop’s Feedback Score to your dashboard. This is the numerical score that Etsy uses that measures how much positive feedback you have received over the last 12 months. It is also a good early indicator of problems that might affect your shop’s 5-Star rating.

The Listing Audit pages for individual listings now includes the dates the listing was originally created, when it was last updated and when it expires. All handy dates to know for tracking and planning maintenance on your listings..

Finally, what I think is a very powerful feature for new and experienced shop owners to get into the habit of using: the Draft Listings feature. This unique new tool allows you to preview and polish up your listing's SEO grade, check for spelling mistakes and missing images while your listing is still in draft mode. No more thinking we got it right, listing it and then finding we’ve missed something. Thanks EtsyRank for once again making it easier to manage my shop!

We hope you enjoy the March EtsyRank Updates, and look forward to hearing your feedback about them. And, as always, we want to hear from you with ideas about making EtsyRank work better for you and your Etsy shop, so please, use that blue Feedback button on the EtsyRank page you have a suggestion or question about, join the EtsyRank Facebook Group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/EtsyRank or email us at info@etsyrank.com.

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