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How to Use Etsy Rank (Video)

Two highly entertaining and informative videos were created by the Starla Moore, founder of Handmade Alphas.

It's with much excitement that I share these two great How-To videos for EtsyRank users. These highly entertaining and informative videos were created by the amazing Starla Moore, founder of Handmade Alphas Facebook group (an invaluable resource for Etsy sellers) and a very successful seller on Etsy. Starla created these videos for the Etsy sellers in her group, but I thought it would be great for all of you to watch them.

In the first video, My Favorite Etsy Tool, Starla walks you through the following sections (and more):


2.Social Reports

3.The Keyword Tool

4. Grades

5. Spell Checker

6. Missing Tags

7. Listing Audit

In the second video, Is EtsyRank PRO Worth It, Starla continues her video tutorial covering over a dozen EtsyRank free and PRO features. This video includes:

1. Spotted on Etsy

2. Monitor Tool

3. Tag Report (PRO)

4. Keyword Tool (PRO)

5. Color Thesaurus

6. Profit Calculator

7. Marketing Calendar

Did you enjoy these videos? I strongly encourage you to check out Starla's YouTube channel for other great videos she has created. If you are looking to grow your Facebook followers you should grab a copy of her free eBook on How to Gain a Fanatical Following on Facebook by Giving Things Away.

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