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How to Increase Etsy Traffic Through Blogging

Gina from GCCginascraftcorner talks to us about how she has used blogging to increase traffic to her Etsy shop.

Have you ever considered blogging about your Etsy business?  Do you ever wonder if you could be doing more to create buzz about your shop and your awesome products?  I would like to share with you a few reasons why a blog should most definitely be part of your Etsy business plan.  Hopefully at the end of this post  you will realize that blogging can help you build a community of followers, advertise your Etsy shop, and increase your google search authority.  

Now, my story may be a little different than yours because I started my blog before I opened my Etsy Shop, GCCginascraftcorner.  I began blogging back in 2013. The crafting/sewing blogging community, which I am part of, is made up of a wonderful group of individuals who are always willing to lend advice or give encouragement.   No matter what product you are selling, you are sure to find a great group of followers that want to see you succeed.  Not only that, they often become great customers or they will share your post with other potential customers.  See where I am going with this? 

So, let’s talk about this “community of bloggers” a little more.  If you do not know anything about blogging, don’t worry, I will cover that in a later post over on www.ginascraftcorner.com. Let’s zoom ahead and pretend like you have your awesome blog up and running (which takes about 5 seconds) and you have written this amazing post about your little carved wooden Santas that are so stinkin’ adorable.  Now all you have to do is patiently wait for the orders to come in.  (crickets chirping) Wrong!  This is where the work begins.  There are many things you can, and must do, to drive people to your blog.  Here are the major ones…

  1. Visit Blogger Link Parties (Online blogging parties where other bloggers let you link up your post on their website to be viewed by all “their” followers since you don’t have any.)
  2. Share your post on Facebook
  3. Share your post on Pinterest
  4. Share on Google+
  5. Share the photos from your post to Instagram
  6. Share your post on Twitter

A blog is also a great place to advertise.  On your blog there will be a sidebar where you can add links to whatever you like.   I recommend taking advantage of this space to promote yourself.  Etsy provides two ways for you to promote your site on your blog.  One is by using what is called an Etsy badge.  They have different shapes and sizes to choose from, but this is the one I use on my blog.

Another option is to use what is called an Etsy Mini.   With this feature, you are allowed to choose a few of your best photos to be displayed with a direct link to your shop.  You definitely do not want to go overboard with this, but it would be foolish to not take advantage of these great tools to get more clicks to your store, and ultimately more sells.  You can find both the Etsy Badge and Etsy Mini features right from your Etsy home page by clicking on YOUR SHOP and then PROMOTE. 

The third, and by far the most important reason you should start a blog, is to get recognized by Google as a credible source.  This is the big one.  When someone types in (insert your product here) into 
Google search, you want your blog to pop up on the first page.  My Etsy shop will never rank #1 on a Google search for “concealed carry purses”, BUT…my blog is currently ranked #2.  What?!  Yes it is.  And when I see myself drop in the search results to the bottom of the page, I just quickly write a blog post or share something on Google+ and whoomp there it is.   When I was writing this post, I checked my standing on Google and I was the last one on the page.  So, I ran over to my Google+ site and shared a purse I have for sale.  That is it! Now I am at #2.

Now, I have a few things going for me.  One, I have a very small niche.  Having your blog post show up on the first page of Google might be a little more difficult when someone types in Santa.  However, if they type in “small wood carving of Santa”, you could very easily be #1 in that search.  All it takes is a little time, effort and know-how.  I hope I have helped you with a little of the know-how.  Now it is time for you to go put forth the time and effort.  

Thanks for reading and best of luck!

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