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How EtsyRank Saved my Shop from Disaster, Twice

Genevieve from GenevieveDesignsBR shares her story about how EtsyRank has helped her avoid a couple of near tragedies.

Like most Etsy sellers with large shops, I am always looking for apps that allow me to complete tedious tasks quickly so I can get back to other things like product photography. Since the take down of Betsi and then Storefuze, I’ve been on the hunt for a great bulk-editing app. I’ve been a beta tester for several of these apps and while it’s exciting to be the first to use a program, it does potentially come with major headaches. This is where EtsyRank comes to save the day.

I use EtsyRank as an auditing program to check behind apps and alert me to issues. Since EtsyRank is a sleek visual tool, I can glance at my main Dashboard and immediately see when things have gone south. It has help save my shop from disaster twice in the past 6 months!

The first time EtsyRank saved the day was after using a newly released bulk-editing app to replace hundreds of seasonal photos. I logged into EtsyRank early the next morning to research keywords and my Missing Images number was equal to my number of active listings. Panic!!! If it were not for EtsyRank, all those listings would have stayed incomplete for who knows how long. Through EtsyRank’s “Missing Images” list I was able open each individual listing in Etsy by clicking “Fix On Etsy” and upload the missing images directly. Without this feature, I would have had to open every listing in my shop to find the listings that needed to be fixed. Hours saved.

The second time was after I foolishly signed up to be a beta tester for a tag analysis app. I went onto EtsyRank for a quick look at the market report when the Dashboard alerted me to Tag Issues. I am very diligent about using all 13 tags so I knew something was up. I glanced at the listings EtsyRank flagged with tag issues to find the analysis app left 80% of my listings with less than 13 tags and inserted tags that were not even in my titles. Pure rage filled my body. I emailed the app developer, waited 15 minutes for a reply, and then poured myself a cup of coffee because I knew I was in for a very late night.

Through EtsyRank I was able to download a spreadsheet of all the listings with missing tags, reference them to another spreadsheet I use for creating my titles & tags and then get on with the task of fixing all the listings one at a time. Without EtsyRank creating a list for me, I would have had to open every listing, delete the tags, retype the tags I thought were relevant to the title, then pray they were the tags I really wanted to use for that listing. Again, hours saved and crisis averted. 

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