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Getting the Buzz of New Ideas

Chris from StillMovingArt has shared a few techniques he has for creative persons.

Are you a creative person first, and a shop-owner second?

Do you insist on being original?

Do you sometimes feel like your creative outlook has become narrow (like you've got "creator's block")?

Perhaps you need to stop the production line for a while, and go somewhere new; to challenge yourself; provoke yourself into a new bust of creativity.

Maybe like me, you find it exciting to generate new ideas. Powerful thinkers such as Edward deBono (the Lateral Thinker: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Po_(lateral_thinking)), or the multi-skilled Brian Eno (http://enoshop.co.uk) - have developed techniques for challenging the mind into new paths.

I get a buzz every time a new way of thinking about my art, opens up a new path for me. So I've started writing down some Provocations to do just that for myself, and for anyone else who finds them useful.

Are you up to a challenge? Here's one to begin with:

Think of a word that DOES NOT describe your work (or: describes the opposite of your work).

Now ask yourself: what sort of piece could you create, that is like that, or incorporates that?

As an example, here's my own response to this Provocation:

When I began my Etsy shop, most of my works were loose, organic, made from photographs, murky, mysterious, soft, like “Crystal World”:

What is this work not? It is Not bright, sharp, artificial or clear. 

When I followed this provocation through, it led to a new series, of which the following (Blades 2) is an example.

What is this? 

This work is not physical (well, none of it is, actually!). If it were physical then what could it be?

• a wooden puzzle?

• layers of coloured glass?

• tissue paper cut and folded in layers?

• a paper puzzle?

If I went and experimented with those, I wonder what ideas it would give me for my digital work (or maybe I could see a new form for my designs)?

Do you have tricks to provoke new creativity out of yourself?

You may want to share them: join my Etsy team Creative Provocations and see we can bring out in each other's work!

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