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Taking it from Idea to Reality

Tatiana from TopGracia shares with us some insight into her creative process.

1. The beginning

As a rule, the passion toward this or that handcrafting comes from the childhood. We all try to make something with our own hands, but there is a definite branch we are more successful in. Some kids love their mom's little shiny glass beads and perhaps they will become famous jewelry makers, while others, who get unique pleasure by caressing silk clothes and dressing pretty dolls, are perhaps the greatest Couturiers of future! Listen to yourself, turn back and see what has been always holding your mind! Do never neglect the passion in your heart and follow it being sure it'll lead to a great success! Start own business to prove yourself what you are worth! 

2. From idea to reality

If you have finally realized what you would like to put your soul into and demonstrate your skills to your possible customers, start acting. The most ingenious works are created by masters whose muse blooms from the bottom of their heart. And perhaps you have so many ideas you can't hold in your head?! It's time to bring your ideas to life!

3. The preparation process

To make your beloved work bring not only spiritual but also a financial pleasure to you, it's important to make all the preparations for that. Construct a most comfortable workplace. This may be a small room in your house as well. It should be provided with both good natural and artificial lighting. Make sure you have the necessary containers filled with materials, tools, and packs you might need for crafting. It will be better to have an extra amount of them, by the way. Once you start the crafting process, having each element in its place will save you the so precious time. 

4. The process organization and technical aspects

Well, once all the preparatory work is done, it's time to implement your plans! Unleash your imagination! Make drawings, sketches on paper, laptop, etc. Mind that in the process of designing the crafts, certain corrections are possible. When you have the final perfect example, preserve the pattern for future as particularly that design may bring you a success and have a great demand later. 

Surely having your personal style is great, but here you should also pay great attention to what is actual at the moment. Study the market, watch most popular examples, to fabricate items which people actually want to buy. At this point, you may face some hardships as perhaps you could be obliged to change your mindset. Yet remember, once you have gained your army of customers, you'll become one of those artisans who set fashion! Tempting, isn't it?

5. Providing the flow of customers

To start own business and prosper it crafting amazing goods is not enough, you should know how to sell them! At this moment all potential clients are visuals, hence perhaps the most important factor in sales is the perfect photo-presentation. Particularly the photo is the first thing to catch the eye and inspire a customer to buy the product. Remember, photos you take can make or break your business. Therefore, make uniquely beautiful photos of your crafts. For this, provide the space with natural or filtered white light and don't use a flash; build simple, consistent and at the same time iconic background (its actual today) for your crafts being sure it doesn't detract from the item meanwhile; take crisp and clear shots in excellent focus; take photos from intriguing angles so that they entice the possible client. Today you may come across numerous articles and videos on the product photography, yet if you are not sure in the success of your own photo-shooting, it's better to apply to a professional. Be sure, your little investment is worth here.

The greatest part of the task is passed. All that is left, is to demonstrate your production to your potential customers. You have an internet store with advertisements of the new products in it. Now provide the necessary flow of customers. The wonderful resource "EtsyRank" will help you. At the beginning of your business, it's difficult to guess what title to give, which tags to place and generally what else is necessary for the task. The "EtsyRank" will help you perfectly make out of all this, just follow its instructions. It will tell that you need to place all the photos in the pre-determined fields, show which keywords most successful sellers use. All recommendations of EtsyRank are being carefully used in TopGracia shop. Moreover, it won't forget to remind you about the promotion in social networks (number of followers and the average number of posts your competitors post). Surely, this is a tough way towards success, yet it is yours and it’s worth doing! The more people learn about you and your products, the more sales you'll have.

6. Don't forget to have a good rest!

After all these stages are past and you start own business, you must be tired yet satisfied. Don't forget to have a good rest, you deserve it! The work was a pleasure, but you should have your rest from time to time, too. Visit beautiful places to get refilled with even greater inspiration!

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