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Etsy Keyword Explorer

Discover what real shoppers are searching for on Etsy and Google.

This innovative new keyword tool is designed to help eRank Pro members discover great long tail keywords that are searched for by people using Etsy and Google. With this new tool you will be able to understand how popular keywords are, how they are trending and which ones have high commercial intent. The bonus is that this tool can help both your Etsy shop and your website.

Etsy Search Volumes

The first thing eRank Pro members will see when using the Etsy Keyword Explorer are three indicators for Etsy Searches, Competition and Engagement:

The Searches are estimated monthly searches using data comes from a trusted 3rd party data provider. The Competition and Engagement numbers are based on special eRank formulas using data that comes directly from Etsy.

Etsy & Google Search Trends:

Next you will see the combined Etsy and Google search volume trend graph. This shows you how the popularity of keywords changes over time. For Etsy, we have up to 15 months of historical data, for Google we have up to 12 months. Having this historical information can help you plan your product development and marketing efforts, and can teach you about seasonal shopping habits.

Long Tail Graph:

This graph will give you a quick visual indication of where the keyword search term is on the search demand curve. The blue indicator will show you if the search term is a long tail keyword, a "head" term or somewhere in the middle. The closer the indicator is to the green section, the more likely it is a long tail keyword and the more likely it has a higher conversion rate.

Related Searches:

In this section you will find related searches that people have been looking for on Etsy. Under the "Long Tail Keywords" column you will be shown if it is likely to be a long tail keyword or not. You will also have the three gauges showing the estimated monthly searches on Etsy, and Competition and Engagement levels. You will also see a small and handy trend graph which will show how popular that term has been over the last 15 months.

Google Search Data:

To the right of the column, you will see Google  data that will help you get additional insight about how popular the keyword is. You will see the estimated monthly searches on Google, as well as how much competition there is for people advertising on Google for that keyword and how much they are prepared to pay. If a keyword has high levels of competition and high CPCs it is likely that advertisers on Google have figured out that this is a valuable keyword and that it has high commercial intent.

Choosing a 3rd party data provider:

There were many factors that went into choosing the data provider. We wanted a company that was trusted by some of the biggest and most well-known companies in the world. They had to be transparent about their data collection methodologies and have the largest possible panel size so that the data that was statistically significant. It was also important that this data provider had excellent coverage for the USA, with an even distribution of panelists across all states. In the end we chose the data provider that met all these requirements, and someone who we felt respected people’s privacy and had been in the industry a long time. In the end, it got down to data quality and trust.

What it is / is not:

While it is super exciting to get insight into how real people search on Etsy and Google, it is also important to put things into perspective. We do not have a complete list of all the searches that are performed on Etsy or Google and we never will. Where we don’t have data, we will leave that space blank rather than guess.

This is not meant to be a replacement for Etsy Search Analytics or the Google Keyword Planner and it only contains data for people who live and search from the USA (which may still be useful for other English-speaking countries and those who target American buyers).

It won’t be perfect, and it won't do all the thinking for you, but at last you have some insight into what people are searching for on Etsy and Google, all on the one screen.

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