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Are Your Listings Missing Attributes?

Learn more about attributes and how they can help your listings get more exposure to buyers.

Have you added attributes to all of your listings? 

Back in March, Etsy began to factor listing attributes into search, and since then Etsy has been adding more attributes to categories. Lots of sellers started to get busy, adding attributes to their listings, with the hope that their products would get seen by more buyers.

Did you add attributes to all of your listings? Perhaps you ran out of time, were confused by the choices or simply forgot. 

EtsyRank now alerts you when it finds listings with no attributes. Understandably not all attributes suggested by Etsy are applicable to your listings and its okay to skip some where it makes sense, but we do recommend you put some time into adding at least one or more attributes to each listing. 

If some of your listings have no attributes, you will get a notice in your EtsyRank dashboard like this:

If you see a Missing Attributes notice you can click on it to see which listings need to be edited.

To add attributes to any listing, simply click on the "Fix on Etsy" button and you will be taken straight to that listing on Etsy to add attributes as you see fit.

Why all the fuss about attributes?

Adding attributes to a listing makes it easier for buyers to find items they want. Attributes allow buyers to filter listings so that only products with matching attributes will be seen in search results. 

As Etsy starts to support more attributes, buyers will enjoy the shopping experience on Etsy more, will purchase more and will come back more often. Ultimately, I see attributes making Etsy search as powerful as Amazon's. This is beneficial for all Etsy sellers.

The difference between tags and attributes

I like to think of tags as the seller's way to cast a wide net and attract as many buyers as possible. The downside for this is that this can lead to irrelevant search results, and that can be a turn off for buyers. Attributes, on the other hand, offer buyers a way to filter results to a shorter list of products that match their desires.

Choose attributes wisely and be as accurate as possible. Using incorrect attributes will not help your conversion rates and will undermine the good work that Etsy are doing to improve relevancy.

Next steps

Summertime is a great time to be doing some house keeping and adding missing attributes, tags and images to your listings. Prepare your shop for the busy Christmas season. Review your listings, use EtsyRank grading report to find which listings need attributes. Remember to make sure the attributes are accurate and don't mislead buyers.

Closing comment

For now, attributes do not affect the grades that EtsyRank gives your listings. However, as Etsy increases attribute support and we learn more about the impact attributes have, it is likely the EtsyRank grading system will change.

Get in the habit of adding at least one attribute to each of your listings to help increase your visibility in Etsy search results.

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