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A Design in the Making

Mary from MaryJaneCreations shares with us her story of giving back to help others in need.

January is when I start making my designs for "Wear It Beat It" day which is a fund raising day run by the British Heart Foundation. This is when like minded people come together to sell items or hold collections and run special events, giving money for the charity.  The event is usually held once a year.

Heart and circulatory disease takes the lives of more than 400 people in the UK each day. This event raises money for the British Heart Foundation’s life saving research

After having heart surgery in 2013 I decided I wanted to give something back to the British Heart Foundation and hopefully help others in the future.

On this occasion the profits from the sale of my WIBI Collection of wish bracelets, stitch markers, jewellery and gifts on that day will go to the BHF. Any sold later than June, the monies will go to Cardiac Rehab (a group local to me)

The process starts by planning designs then ordering beads, charms etc. It is important to have all items to hand and be sure one has answered some, if not all of these questions. Sometimes I have a specific colour in mind, but I also check out seasonal colours and try to accommodate some of them.

I have to think of designs that I hope will sell well. My range is not too expensive and will hopefully appeal to a wide range of customers. This year my designs will have a heart charm on or some red beads. With all the above in mind, and charms and beads to hand, it is now time to begin!

  • How many items will I make? Where will I get them from, will it be here in the UK or from abroad.
  • How will I package them, in cellophane, tissue paper or boxes. All this takes time and thought.
  • Pictures to take for Etsy it must be five, all showing a slightly different view, category, tags and words to think about.
  • Decide on the sale price, taking into account transaction and percentage fees, profit and price.
  • Listing begins. Once listed, its then time to look at Etsy Rank to make sure no spelling, tag or main issues.
  • Tweaking often necessary before the great sound of a ‘cha-ching' is heard.
  • Then there is Social Media, we must tell them!
  • Once an order is received, I contact my customer to thank them, then set about the process to complete the order.
  • Whatever your reason for selling a ‘cha-ching' is a great sound.
  • This is not quite the end of the making journey. Remember to pack item carefully before posting to the customer.

I've chosen designs that are simple and easy to make in case of extra orders, with a pricing that I hope people will be willing to give to support this event.

As I usually create individual items, to make five or six the same is a different challenge.  

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