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6 Tips on Making Stunning Photos

Want to create products image for your online shop? Katherine from 615supply gives us six tips on making stunning photos.

If you ever take a look at “Etsy Picks” or any major online shopping website, you will notice they only feature products with stunning photography. And those beautiful photos turns to sells and higher conversion. How do you create products image that will catch peoples eyes? Here are some of my tips that helped me with my photos:

1. Find a good camera. I know that not everyone can afford the best camera out there, but you can definitely find something in your price range. You do not need the best camera to shoot the best photos. The most important thing is being artist and creative. Also, in some cases, iPhone works, too. 

2. Play with angles. Different angles can make your products look totally different. Not sure which angle is the best? Try a few and decide. If all of them looks fantastic, posting them all will not hurt. Also the distance with the product is something you need to consider. Close up photos do not always work for big objects. 

3. Background is important. Finding the  background that fits your brand. Whatever you are selling, you want your images to stand out. Play with different background and see what kind is best for them before start shooting all the photos. If you are selling on a platform, a different or unique background will make you pop. Also, white background is not always the case. If you are selling a white colored product, you may want to try a different color to make the image pop. If you have to use a whit background with white color object, make distance with the background and the object to create depths, this way the image will look more standout.

4. Use natural lighting. Natural lighting is the best source for products. And it is free! If you are selling physical products, try shooting outside to create a lifestyle brand look. for some reason you have to use artificial lighting, make sure use white lighting. Yellow lighting will make the products look different than real life and it is not attractive in most cases.

5. Edit your photos. Each platform has its own image size. Make sure to follow the correct size for the best image result. Also sometimes, adjust the photos brightness will make a huge difference. Most of the products photos are very bright and focused. Do not over brighten them because that will only make them unnatural.

6. Practice practice practice. If you do not take photos often, practice. Practice makes perfect. Take your time and find your own style. Not sure how the photo turned out? Do not delete any photos on your camera, transfer all of them on your computer and you may find something total different than from the camera screen.

Thanks for reading! Please visit https://www.615supply.com or our etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/shop/615supply for over 2,500 kinds of jewelry supplies.


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