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5 Ways You Can Brand Your Etsy Business

Jules Tillman is an artist and creative coach at CreatingBeautifully.com. She shares her advice on ways to brand your Etsy shop.

While selling on Etsy does have some creative branding limitations, most Etsy sellers aren’t using the platform as much as they could to brand their businesses. So today I’m sharing 5 ways you can brand your Etsy business. 

But first: why brand your Etsy business? 

There are lot of important reasons to brand your business, but here are a few:

  • It makes getting customers easier (who couldn’t use more buyers?!)
  • It helps customers (or potential customers) recognize your products and business more easily
  • It also helps them relate to you and/your business 
  • It helps set you apart from the millions of other Etsy sellers (this is HUGE) 
  • It can create credibility and customer loyalty

So how can you actually brand your Etsy shop? While branding is more than just colors and fonts, those are a good place to start. 

With Your Logo and Header Image

Your logo and header image should look like they go together and create the vibe you’re going for. (You know, the one that will attract your target market!)  Use these graphics to convey your brand. 

You can start by choosing one or two fonts (at most) to use in both images. Fonts have their own look and feel, so make sure they match your Etsy business. For instance, if you make whimsical animal art, you wouldn’t want to use a heavy, bold, gothic style font. 

The same goes for the colors you choose: if you sell boho wedding accessories, you probably won’t want to use bright primary colors in your branding. 

If you’re unsure how to create these graphics, you can try making them yourself with tools like Canva or PicMonkey. Or you can search Etsy itself for many talented designers who can make them for you. Places like Fivver and 99designs offer even more alternatives to getting your logo and header designed. 

With Your Product Photography

Just like your logo and header image, you can create a cohesive, branded look with your product photography. Again, you’ll want to set a mood or vibe with your product photos. So if you sell 1930’s-inspired baby clothes, you wouldn’t use neon colored backgrounds. 

Even if you’re using simple white backgrounds, you want to make sure all of your whites are the same. I can hear you now: wait, what Jules?! It’s true: whites show up with many different hues: it could be a bluish-white, a yellow-white or a grey white, etc. Typically these are different depending on what time of day you shoot your pictures and/or what light source(s) you’re using. Just be sure that your whites are consistent. 

If you’re an artist or own a stationery shop, you can use mockups from sites like Creative Market to create a branded look. 

With Your Products Themselves

Some Etsy sellers can mix and match their products beautifully, but I promise those shops are rare. Especially if you’re just starting out: pick one type of item and stick with it. 

For instance, if you’re trying to sell art prints, handmade dolls, and vintage wedding dresses in the same shop, you’re just confusing your customers and it’s going to be nearly impossible to create a brand. But if you’re selling knitted hats, mittens and scarves in the same shop, that makes sense! 

You’ll also want to make sure you have a “voice” in your product descriptions that matches your brand. As an example: if you make sarcastic greeting cards, you wouldn’t want your product description to be dry and boring! Infuse yourself and your brand into your descriptions. 

On Your About Page

The same goes for your about page: use words that not only accurately describe your business and products, but your brand. 

I do think that many Etsy shoppers value handmade (and are therefore willing to pay a bit more than they would elsewhere) and many of them like to get to know the person (or people) who are making the products they’re buying. So this isn’t a place to be shy! 

Let them know who you are, and how, and even why, you make what you make! 

On Your Social Media Profiles

You’ll also want to stay on brand on your social media profile(s). Use the same logo (or headshot from your about page) consistently throughout all of your social media profiles. 

Your photos (on platforms like Instagram, especially) should have the same look and feel as your photos in your shop. Not that they have to be exactly the same, but if your shop photos are light and bright, and your Instagram photos are dark and heavy, it’s just going to confuse your customers. 

By creating a cohesive brand look across your Etsy shop and social media that fits your products and vibe in all of these areas, you’re going to attract (and sell more to!) your ideal customers. And isn’t that what we’re all aiming for? 

About the author

Jules Tillman is an artist and creative coach at www.CreatingBeautifully.com where she helps other artists and makers build a business – and a life – that they love. She lives and loves life in Portland, OR where she spends as much time by the rivers there as she can. And, of course, she has two Etsy shops. 😉 (http://CreatingBeautifully.Etsy.com and http://JulesTillman.Etsy.com

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